Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Flash Sale Hunt TODAY ONLY

Don't forget to stop by the Forbidden Love Event...

Today Only... you can hunt the sim for hidden hearts, prices ranging from 1L to 25L.

A variety of gifts and over a dozen hearts to find.

Good hunting everyone!

Event from 6AM SLT to 6PM SLT.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Forbidden Love Event Starts Tomorrow - Breaking Spring Event and Pinched Event

If you missed our most recent bike night... no worries, catch our next one on February 10th, on the track in the Iron Dragon.

Forbidden Love Event starts tomorrow... hope you are all as excited as I am.... TONS of first seen items and stores to peruse for your Valentine items.

Casper Vendors will be doing special Valentine shipping methods come Valentine's, which will allow you to send a Valentine present from a secret admirer and with messages to those you love. You will want to stop in and see what you will be sending out.

Don't forget, there will be surprise events and flash sales during every event we hold, so don't forget to keep an eye out on the SL Events page!

Breaking Spring Event will begin taking applications, don't forget to check this event when applying. This event will take place on the track - NOT the mainland.

IF you are an MC or radio station, etc., you will want to contact Christoph Dragonsworn (bigchris774 resident) to join the event. Your application can still be submitted here, but it cannot be approved through here.

Pinched Event will begin taking applications. This event will happen on the MAINLAND. There will be a short setup time, so if you want a footprint for setting up and using a rezzer, just let me know (annakari genesis).

Watch for more news and updates!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Forbidden Love Event Applications Closed

Forbidden Love Event Applications are closed. You can still use the application to apply to future events on the sim.

Remember to get your images sent in for the Exclusives you are adding to your stores and/or carts.

Images will be added on two pages - Sponsors and Merchants.

Don't forget, DJ Jaz from Full Throttle Radio will be on the Mainland from 5PM to 7PM SLT on the 12th! It's a Valentine's themed dance.

Keep an eye out.... flash sales and other events will be announced during the event.

Welcome the upcoming holiday with great new outfits and other theme based items!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Forbidden Love Event is coming up soon....

So, for our very first event of 2017.... we will start on the Mainland, featuring a romantic Valentines....

Forbidden love:

The sweet Romeo and Juliet, sworn enemies from the families of Montague and Capulet... their love too powerful to be ignored, but still unable to conquer the blood feud. 

                                   "My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
                                   My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
                                   The more I have, for both are infinite.” - William Shakespeare

Since the beginning of time, we have told tales of lost love, stolen love, long love, and today you tell your story of Forbidden Love. 

Join the event!
As a merchant, hunter, visitor, or on a long date night in the couples areas. 

A New Year - A TON of events at Dragonsworn

This is the year for expansion!

Already featuring a track, DJ'd bike nights, and joining numerous hunts and events over the years, it is about to get even better.


Features our mainland - couples areas, stores, fun rides to rezz, A&A affiliate store, Fennux, Fawns, and more..... This will be where all non-bike events will be held.


Features the track - ALL MCs welcome. You can schedule, or ride at will. Couples areas, a bar, and some shops. Includes an underground track filled with waterfalls and secrets! Don't forget to check out Oxygen Racing, BC Bikes, and BadFox Bikeworks. Three of our sponsors for events. :)


This is the Bike Event area.... it will be mostly or completely empty when there are no events. Bike shows, concerts, and other related will be here. You can get to it from the track, ride on up!

Events have a multi-join option, which is explained in the Rules and Requirements for Events pages. Included in the pages here on the blog will be tips & tricks and ideas.

Featured on the blogged will be sponsors.

Since this is our VERY first year, all MERCHANTS will receive a discount (those are the prices in the Rules and Requirements for Events). These prices for joining will only last until May. Starting in June, the prices will change to their regular prices.

Read through the pages and learn more.

Check out the rest of the pages to learn more..... if you have any questions, I am always online, just give me a bit to answer (I may be working or away from my computer).


Annakari Dragonsworn (annakari genesis)